I love collaborating with passionate people.

I have worked with diverse clientele from corporate, public and artistic sectors. I enjoy involving myself in all levels of a project  Both in-studio and on-location, I embrace the creative possibilities in every project. 

An amazing team and I once rigged up a tarp in the pouring rain for a shoot. 

I've helped with taking an idea from an initial sketch to a final shot through: researching, sketches, costume sourcing, materials shopping, costume designer finding, and finally, photography.



I communicate well with a variety of individuals including: creative directors, account supervisors, models and assistants to produce effective results that are on budget and on brand. I'm experienced with photographing and retouching for high-profile print and web campaigns.



Always experimenting, learning, and growing I would love to collaborate on new projects. Please get in touch directly through email: hi@jacklynatlas.com or the form below.

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